3D Printing Services


In the ever-evolving world of technology, we at Plab have developed a 3D printing service to bring creators' designs to life. We've faced challenges such as assembly difficulties, electrical malfunctions, and inconsistent print quality. However, with continuous improvements and testing by our R&D team, we've successfully produced the i3 STAR, a 3D printer designed for client printing.



1. Customer Inquiry

You can inquire through email or call us at +886 (02)22897557, and our specialist will discuss your needs with you.

2. Provide Printing Requirements

1. Customers need to provide a complete 3D file in .STL format for printing.
2. Printing Size Limitations: Maximum dimensions are 200mm in length, 300mm in width, and 200mm in height.
3. Layer Thickness: Printing layers can be between 0.1mm to 0.4mm.
4. Printing Material: We use PLA (biodegradable corn-based plastic) as the primary material. If you have specific material requirements, please let us know.
5. Color Selection: If no color is specified, we will use a random color based on availability.

3. Quotation

1. Quotation is based on Ф1.75mm2 filament. We simulate the required printing time and filament length using slicing software.
2. The pricing is NTD$150 (USD$5) per hour of printing time, with a minimum printing cost of NTD$500 (USD$15).

4. Customer Places Order

Once the quotation is confirmed and payment is received, we will process the order and begin printing.

5. Delivery

After completion, the finished product will be delivered to the customer via mail or in-person pickup, along with an invoice receipt.